Domain ID Shield, Domain Locking, Auto Renewal System


Domain Locking Service

WebSouls domain lock service prevents fraud registrar transfer for your domain. While the domain locking service is engaged, any domains will be locked by system automatically after successful registration within 24 hours.

Domain ID Shield Service

You may apply for ID shield service for domains which is registered, renewed or transferred in. This service is available for .com .net .org .biz .mobi .info .in Only.

You should pause your ID Shield Service on a domain if you need to change its original whois information. You can get more details about our ID Shield service by sending an email at

Domain Auto Renewal Service

You can set your domain at auto renewal in our system. Our system will start renewal process within 10 days ahead of domain name's expiration date, e,g. a domain name's expiration date is 31/01/2011, our system will start trying to renew it on 21/01/2011 and stop renewal try at the end of expiration date.

You have 10 days of grace period prior to expiration date of domain name to fund your account for the completion of auto-renewal.